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Key Information

CXK provides a resettlement service for Cookham Wood Young Offender Institute; supporting young people to strengthen relationships with family and visitors. The service involves:

  • Managing the Visitors Centre in line with security procedures.
  • Supporting the young people to build positive relationships with families and visitors through a programme of themed work.
  • Signposting families and visitors to services that can provide support.
  • Preparing young people for visits.
  • Providing a link between young people and their families / visitors in-between visits.
  • Providing a support service for families and visitors in relation to supporting young people post-release.
  • Working with young people to support their preparation for, and ability to gain, Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL)
  • Working with young people during their early ROTL activities, using the Visitor’s Centre to deliver basic life-skills such as planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking and healthy eating.
  • Support young people on ROTL to have additional visits at the Visitor’s Centre to cook and eat with visitors and families.


  • Building relationships with families
  • Building strength and resilience
  • Ensuring a Family approach
  • Wrap-around and support services for families and young people
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