Stacey's Storey

Stacey was referred to Talent Match by Medway Youth Trust, and joined us on her 18th birthday. Stacey has now been working with us for 10 months.

Stacey quickly established a relationship with her mentor who put her in touch with a partner agency who was able to help her achieve Maths and English qualifications, and who placed her onto a traineeship with a care home, working with adults with special needs.

Stacey kept in contact with her mentor throughout her traineeship and did really well, receiving positive feedback and being told that she would secure an apprenticeship upon completion. Stacey completed the traineeship and was all set to start her apprenticeship when the management of the care home said that they could no longer afford to fund this and Stacey was unfortunately made redundant.

Stacey was obviously very upset about this but was determined to secure a job as quickly as possible and not return to claiming job seekers allowance. She met with her mentor that same day and they looked at opportunities in the area and discussed the benefit of agency work. Stacey took the advice of her mentor and had, by that same evening, secured two interviews for a cleaning job and a role in a care home.

Stacey came to meet with her mentor the very next day so that they could go through possible interview questions and discuss the practicalities of the interview such as what to wear etc. Together they built up Stacey’s confidence so that she was able to do her very best at interview.

Stacey received a job offer for both positions, and has chosen to accept the care role, as this is in line with her long term career goals. CXK helped to fund the DBS check required for the role, and Stacey started her new job on Monday 30th October. She hopes to stay within this company and develop her career within care.

Stacey Hart, 18 and from Chatham, said: If you are dedicated and don’t give up you will get what you want eventually”