A Breath of Fresh Air

The other week I attended the DWP “London and the Home Counties Support for Schools Conference” representing CXK Ltd as the prime contractor for the National Careers Service and the Inspiration Agenda in the South East LEP; members of the Careers Enterprise Company were also in attendance including the CEC Enterprise Coordinator Munya for Kent. It was an opportunity to explore the work each of us was doing, as well as look at how we could work more closely together to benefit our clients and stakeholders. 

What was heartening, was the mutual respect each of the parties (CEC, DWP and NCS) had for each other and the work each was doing in the world of CEIAG, as well as the work schools themselves are doing and the work paid for guidance services are delivering in partnership; no one wanted to “step on toes” or “take over”. Our morning started by being split into groups outside of who we would normally work with so, all the staff working in Kent weren’t together but, spread throughout the venue. In this way, we met staff from other areas and were able to learn about what was happening elsewhere, including barriers to success and share examples of best practice. Our afternoon session, pulled us all together, to look at how we can support each other and the CEIAG work in Kent.

So, what is it, that each of us are doing?

  • Our DWP Adviser team in Kent, Caroline, Ryan and Marie, are able to provide a free service to schools to support their wider CEIAG programmes. This includes using their local contacts to bring employers into schools, set up and run mock interviews, CV workshops, discuss Apprenticeships, Money matters and Employability and provide local labour market insight information.


  • Complementing this work, our work on the Inspiration Agenda can provide free focus days and events, aimed to inspire young people, from topics such as “How to do you find an Apprenticeship?” through to STEM and industry themed delivery such as “Construction and Engineering Careers – Mindmap Challenge” and the “Tower Building Challenge” (for the budding Architects, Construction Managers and Engineers out there!); as well as, facilitate inspiring speakers to come and talk to your students.  


  • Lastly, Munya as the CEC Enterprise Coordinator is available to help schools coordinate their CEIAG delivery against national guidelines, provide advice on how to set up their programmes and help link each of your schools up with employers and business advisers, who can provide an industry perspective.


  • Alongside this, it is of course, important to provide access to providers of Independent and Impartial Careers Guidance (of which CXK Ltd is one) which, all young people are required to have access to. It is this guidance which helps turn the information and ideas, into meaningful actions and next steps.


All of us working together, in collaboration with careers leaders in schools (whether teachers or careers coordinators) alongside employer leaders, to reduce duplication, aid coordination and reduce bureaucracy can really make a difference.  There is a wealth of possibility with regards what can be achieved, through a combination of coordinated partnership work which builds on mutual respect and trust; combining paid for and free services (with the latter saving money which can be invested in the former) ensuring that all of our young people get the great start in life they deserve.

To find out more about each of our services, please make contact below:

National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda: Chris Targett, Senior Careers Adviser christargett@cxk.org

DWP Support for Schools Advisers: Ryan Avison, Marie Colgan and Caroline Lambert TEAM.SUPPORTFORSCHOOLSKENT@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK

CEC Enterprise Coordinator: Munya Badze


Written by: Chris Targett

Friday 9th June 2017