Careers Day Report

As regular readers of this blog are aware, we have covered many varied and interesting topics in the world of careers from the view point of career management professionals. What we haven’t done, is covered the area of CEIAG from the view point of a student. So, here for the first time, it is our pleasure to introduce a report on their schools “Year 10 Careers Day” written by Nadine Kelly, a Sixth Former at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School who was the school reporter on the day of the event…


Careers Day Report

Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School is always striving to equip their students as best as possible for the future. The Careers and Higher Education days held on the 6th and 7th July allowed students to take part in various activities and workshops throughout the event. The days provided them vital information about how to make the best possible decisions for their life in further education after completing Year 11.

The careers fair offered students an opportunity to ask professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and colleges about what could be expected from the day to day workings within their companies and organisations. This gave pupils useful insight into the challenges and benefits of each individual career sector. Practical activities were also available to take part in, where professionals demonstrated some of the skills needed for the job, such as tiling with the Mears Group who were able to share their positive values and vision in the process.

 The students also had an opportunity to gain knowledge about how to write an effective CV with Barclays LifeSkills. It is a well-known fact that come time to write a CV, whether as part of an application to sixth form, University or another education path, students often find it stressful and challenging.  The workshop helped to highlight the importance of writing a good CV and how to make the most of the limited space they have available. Chris Targett, a representative of CXK talked to our pupils about the different career pathways that can be taken. He encouraged them to ‘challenge any limiting assumptions’ of further education, informing them of the more varied possibilities of progressing into higher learning and specific careers, other than the traditional route. According to Mr Targett, career days are ‘vital’ for students in order to give them the support they need to make informed decisions as well as discovering the right path for them to take in the future.

On the 7thJuly Year 10 embarked on an exciting trip to Canterbury Christ Church University where they experienced a tour of the campus and met academics who talked about life in higher education. Topics such as the courses available and accommodation were all covered. There was lots of positive feedback from pupils as many said the day and its activities made them feel more confident about choosing the appropriate path after year 11. The idea of more career days such as these was highly recommended by our pupils for future students at the school. 

Written by: Nadine Kelly, Student at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School

Wednesday 26th July 2017