The Elevate Programme is a course designed to help you become the person employers want to employ. We designed the progamme based on what employers in Kent said they needed from young people applying for jobs (based on our survey in January 2015).

Next start date:

  • Canterbury - 6th November 2017

The Elevate programme is a 15 week full time course and includes:

  • Induction period
  • 9 weeks of work placements 2 days per week (Gravesend 3 days per week)
  • English and maths Functional Skills qualifications at the right level for you
  • Certificate in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development
  • Enrichment sessions (treat days)
  • Plenty of 1:1 support and individual development sessions

During the programme you will:

  • have the opportunity to complete a work placement in your chosen area of work
  • gain English and/or maths qualifications
  • achieve a Certificate in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development
  • take part in personal development sessions
  • receive careers advice and support
  • enjoy some fun celebration activities
  • get some volunteering and community work experience

Who is the programme for?

The Elevate Programme is for young people aged 16-19 who are not in employment, education or training, have the right to live and work in the UK, hold valid ID and a National Insurance number, and do not currently hold both English and Maths at Level 2 (GCSE C grade or above) - holding either one or the other of the qualifications will still make you eligible for the Elevate programme.

What are the benefits?

The programme will help you move forwards with your life by:

  • Increasing your confidence
  • Getting you into a routine and developing the skills you need to be ready for work
  • Giving you the opportunity to develop and prove you have the right attitude for work

According to our survey (January 2015) 72% of employers identified that ‘having the right attitude’ was the main thing they looked for when hiring young people.

You will also be recognised for your hard work with end of programme celebrations and treat days.

You can gain references and continued support from CXK.

What have people said about the Elevate course?

Two people who completed the programme in 2016 said:

"Before taking part in the programme, I was volunteering at Nelson Design. I  received a phone call from the CXK team telling me all about the Elevate programme and it sounded like a  fantastic opportunity to build on my skills, gain Maths and English qualifications and help me get additional work experience.

I really enjoyed the Ramsgate programme, particularly the enrichment day where I had the opportunity to work as part of a team and take on new responsibilities. In the future, I  would like have a job with Nelson Design and will certainly encourage other people in a similar situation to myself  to join this programme, it will help you improve your Maths and English as well as helping you get a job or work placement." - (Toni, Ramsgate)

"I received a letter through the post telling me all  about CXKs Elevate programme in Ramsgate, I was doing nothing very much with his time apart from sitting at home and so signed up to the programme. The most beneficial part of Elevate  was having the opportunity to gain work experience, as well as gaining the Maths and English qualifications Im going to need for my future. I am now focusing on continuing with my  work experience and would recommend other people in a similar situation to me, to join Elevate." - (Munashe, Ramsgate)

Ofsted Inspection 2016

"Staff provide good support to help learners overcome significant barriers to learning and improve their personal and social skills."

"There is good use of well-planned work experience to develop employability skills."

"Leaders and managers have an accurate view on the quality of the provision and work well with staff to make improvements."


How can I join the programme?

Elevate programmes delivered by CXK are running in various locations in Kent.

Appointments to join are held with the programme leaders in the run up to the start dates, but anyone can register their interest in joining a course by emailing elevate@cxk.org or by phoning 01233 224244. Alternatively please download our referral form Travel to the programme can be paid and you may also be eligible for meal provision and other bursary payments.


Email: elevate@cxk.org
Phone: 01233 224244