Youth Board

The Youth Board debates the same issues as the Board of Trustees.

It currently consists of four members:

Mara Taylor, 19

I embarked on my Youth Board journey through the National Citizen Service, wanting to join the Youth Board because it promised to hear my voice and my fellow youths’, and this was the biggest reason that enticed me to be a part of such a rewarding and self-fulfilling role. Enjoying every single second from the strategic meetings to having lunch at AMF Bowling along with a game. 

Thomas Stothart, 18

I attended CATs sessions at my local youth club in Dover for about 4 years between the ages of 12 and 16 so CXK has been a strong influence throughout my early teenage years. Because of this I was given the opportunity to join the youth board which I instantly accepted. I felt as though it was the perfect way to get my voice heard as I believed that my local youth club needed more attention. Since I have been a member of the youth board at CXK, I have come to realise the vast array of opportunities they are able to provide for me. These include being able to interview potential employees at CXK which offers invaluable experience and also I have been offered a place on the main board as a youth trustee.

Hannah Darroch, 18 

I want to become more active and focus more energy into doing something both positive and productive and I think being a member of the CXK Youth Board will allow me to do that. I hope to eventually become a teacher and teach English as a foreign language in France. 

Sophie Meehan, 18 

 I joined because I'm passionate about helping improve the lives and services of young people in the south east. Being a part of the board helps get our voices and interests heard

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