Skills Workshops

The National Careers Service provides a number of group skills workshops, providing an interactive environment for customers to engage with others to develop or enhance key skills in support of gaining employment or progressing with their careers.

Bespoke workshops can be created to suit your organisation’s needs, and all workshops are designed and delivered by professional Careers Advisers.

Examples of workshops include:

Building Resilience

A useful guide to building resilience in both personal and business lives, and coping with change in a positive way.

Lone Parent Support

Exploring the benefits of being a working parent, the options available, and how to build confidence and motivation.

Returning to Work

Targeted at clients returning to work, a session exploring employers’ expectations and correct behaviours.

Effective Job Applications

A masterclass in creating an outstanding CV and cover letter, and understanding what employers are looking for.

How Can the National Careers Service Help You?

An overview of the services and support National Careers Service has to offer.

Redundancy Support

Supporting individuals at risk of or facing redundancy, exploring: creating an effective CV, interview skills, and building resilience, confidence and motivation.

How to Boost Your Career with Volunteering

Exploring how volunteering can open doors to career options.

Career Support for Over 50s

Exploring upskilling, careers, confidence and motivation, and employers’ views.

Effective Job Searching

A session exploring the hidden job market, and where and how to look for and apply for jobs.

Youth Workshops

A session for young people just starting out – exploring your career options and how to sell yourself to employers. Plus the benefits of apprenticeships, volunteering or work placements in finding permanent work.

Interview Skills

Exploring how to manage different types of interviews, how to make the best impression, and employer expectations.

Overcoming Barriers to Employment

Exploring the common reasons behind difficulty finding employment, and how to overcome them.


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