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CXK is a charity that delivers a range of services to empower young people and adults across the south-east to build the skills and confidence they need to move into sustainable education, employment or training.

We support young people and adults to develop their skills, raise their aspirations and reach their full potential; and we work in partnership with businesses, voluntary organisations and other agencies to develop and deliver services that meet and exceed the needs of the individuals and communities that we work with.



Youth Action Group

CXK has recently been successful in securing funding from the Big Lottery Fund to launch the CXK Youth Action Group (YAG); a project designed to develop a network of children and young people who participate in the planning and running of our charity.

The group creates a space for children and young people aged 13-24 from across the south-east, and who reflect the diversity of the area, to input into the running and development of CXK. Members are supported to take part in training, surveys, focus group meetings, Think Tank sessions, strategic planning activities, and to represent young people to the charity’s Board of Trustees.

Being part of the Youth Action Group has a huge number of benefits for the young people involved. Members of the Youth Action Group have access to training and mentoring, are able to develop new life skills, have increased influence, and are able to develop new contacts and friends. This in turn helps them to develop a sense of self-worth and to create new life and career opportunities.

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