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Key Information

CXK’s Work Ready Programme is a unique course designed to provide prisoners with the skills and confidence they need to navigate the job market, develop career aspirations, and successfully find work on their release.

We take a blended learning approach that combines classroom learning, in-cell activities, and a pack of additional resources to help our students get the most out of each session. The course is intended to be interactive and engaging, offering post-course support as students approach their release date.

The Programme

Work Ready consists of 4 classroom sessions, focusing on the following key areas of development.
1. Introduction to Work Ready: Yourself “Growth Mindset”
2. Showcase your skills and how to apply them?
3. Marketing Yourself: Understanding your rights and
4. Sealing the deal

We  offer up-to-date knowledge of the employment market, practical advice and resources that allow students to navigate through the course. Our trainers understand the challenges and opportunities within the job market, as well as maintaining awareness of the labour market and current vacancies in the local area.

Throughout the course, participants are able to develop a CV that they can then tailor to each role that they apply for. They also gain an understanding of how to disclose their offence(s), with support to prepare a disclosure statement. Additionally, we  focus on how to search for employment opportunities, prepare for interviews and set realistic goals that will help individuals to move forward.

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