Around The World in 80 Careers – Customs Officer

Day 3

After a fun ferry ride from Dover, despite the mist and cold, our explorer was excited to arrive at his first destination outside of the UK. He had met a lovely couple from Belgium whilst sipping a latte in the café on the ferry. Toby and Roberta had spent a fortnight travelling the UK, and they felt the UK will always be part of Europe despite any changes Brexit had introduced. 

As he stepped off the Ferry into the main terminal, he was greeted by a very friendly Customs Officer named Serge, who welcomed him to France. Serge check our explorer’s passport and asked what the purpose of his trip was. Once he knew of our explorers’ plan to travel the World, Serge excitedly shared recommendations of places to visit both in France, and other far-flung places he had visited when he had travelled in his youth. Excited by what Serge had told him, our explorer decided he would head for Paris, a city he had always wanted to visit.

Whilst on the train to France’s capital, he considered how friendly Serge had been and how important this would be to visitors of the UK. Whilst researching what else a Customs Officer does, he found that it was the number one most ‘in demand’ job according to a survey by LinkedIn:

This survey gives a good indication of gaps in the national labour market and may provide a few ideas for those who are unsure of where their career may go next. The report links to skills required in each role, where vacancies are geographically, and what roles people held before moving into that line of work. LinkedIn can also show current vacancies for these roles. You can access tips for creating a top LinkedIn profile following these simple steps:

There are a number of places to access job profiles online including Youth Employment UK (YEUK). Their job profile for a Customs Officer shows potential earnings, entry routes, and what skills or qualifications are required:

YEUK offers careers tips, online training and a range of other useful resources for those aged 14-24. They even have resources for Teachers and Careers Leaders:

The train journey flew by as they rolled through the French countryside and into the suburbs of Paris…


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