Around the World in 80 Careers: Florist

29th November 2022

Day 22

As our traveller arrived in the Netherlands, they were very excited to absorb the culture that would ultimately influence another potential career direction. With so many exciting opportunities and choices available, where would they possibly start next.

Of course, visiting the Dutch flower markets was high on the agenda, given a personal passion for growing and looking after the health of many flowers and shrubs from a young age. There was no getting away from tending to the garden over the years, with a strong family influence tending to an army of spring and summer flowering bulbs and growing veg from home. Nothing quite like the taste of home grown veg, or sitting peacefully by an exploding herbaceous border covered in much needed insects and bumble bees.

With Holland being known as the largest flower shop in the world, and floristry a major industry for the country, our traveller was eager to immerse themselves in colour and fragrance by visiting the flower markets. Dreaming of Tulips, Crocuses and Hyacinths, our traveller set their alarm nice and early to visit the flower markets and auctions.

First on the agenda was an early morning start at the flower auction in Aalsmeer, where well over 20 million flowers and plants are sold every day, and an opportunity to watch wholesalers in action from across the world. Next up was the famous floating market in the Singel canal in Amsterdam. The flowers are brought in by lorries instead of up the canal by boat nowadays, however the market still floats today. An amazing site amongst the hustle and bustle, so much choice to brighten up the hotel room – some new varieties to join the collection and some wonderful gifts to share. Finally, there was just time to squeeze in a final trip of inspiration visiting the longest market in the Netherlands in Leeuwarden. What an amazing visit, and a place our traveller would certainly return to. As they sat in a coffee shop, digesting their visit, they pondered over future career options.

To learn more about the role of a florist, our traveller visited the National Careers Service website: Florist | Explore careers | National Careers Service.

With college routes, apprenticeships and work opportunities to consider, our traveller was keen to start networking with local floristry businesses upon their return to the UK and undertake some volunteering to support their skills and interests. Maybe they could even access the hidden job market and train on the job. As our traveller slept again in their hotel room, they dreamed of event planning and exhibiting at the Kent Show grounds Events manager | Explore careers | National Careers Service

Written by Matthew Scamp Area Manager National Careers Service

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