Around the World in 80 Careers – Mechanic

At CXK we are passionate about inspiring people of all ages with their career ideas, with teams of careers advisers working with young people in schools and colleges, as well as those who are unemployed, with adults changing careers and those returning to the work force after having a career break, as well as those in our local prisons.

Helping people to thrive and providing inspiration, is key to what we do. With this in mind, we are launching a series of inspirational CXK blogs called: “Around the World in Eighty Careers!” (inspired by a well know fictional adventure story[i]).

Day 1

Our story starts at CXK Head Office in Ashford, Kent, where our adventurer (who shall remain nameless), is seeking to travel around the world! Who will they meet on their way and what is it, that these people (whom they meet) do for a living?

It is a slightly wet and windy January morning, our adventurer has their backpack on their shoulders and looking nervously at their watch, unsure about the challenge they have been set but excited by what the future may hold as they travel around the world!

First, they need to get to Dover, luckily Craig from CXK has offered to give them a lift in his car. However, disaster strikes! Craig’s car has broken down and they need to call a mechanic to fix his car…

What does a mechanic do?

Looking on the National Careers Service website: we can see there are lots of different sorts of mechanics and engineers, the top five being listed as:

  • Motorcycle mechanic
  • Motor mechanic
  • Cycle mechanic
  • Mechanical engineering technician
  • Construction plant mechanic

As Craig isn’t riding a bicycle, the “Motor Mechanic” is who we need! Luckily, they swiftly repair his car and help our adventurer on their way. 

The job profile: tells us it is possible to train for this job via an apprenticeship or college course.

You can find out more about motor mechanic apprenticeships here:

If you need support with looking for an apprenticeship or applying to college, speak to your careers adviser in school or college, alternatively contact the National Careers Service helpline for support by telephone, email, post or online:

Written by Chris Targett RCDP Careers Adviser & Area Manager, CXK Careers.


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