Around the World in 80 Careers: Technical Architect

09th August 2022

Day 14


Following a pleasant evening with Yiannis and his family, our explorer decided that it was time to leave Greece, and head towards the City on the Seven Hills, Istanbul!

The next day, our explorer took a direct flight from Santorini to Istanbul.  On their arrival, our traveller took the HAVAIST Airport Shuttle for less than £2 and headed towards the district of Sultanahmet. This area is known as the historical heart of ancient Constantinople, it’s also a UNESCO-protected area which occupies most of the peninsula and is home to Istanbul’s most famous historic and cultural tourist attractions.

On their way to Sultanahmet, our explorer sat next to Cengiz, a young man who just started working in recruitment and specializes in IT.

Cengiz mentioned that the top IT jobs in Turkey are:


After checking in at the hostel and before exploring the historical centre, our explorer decided to research what a Technical Architect does.

The job profile Technical architect | Explore careers | National Careers Service tells us that it is possible to train for this job via an apprenticeship or a university course.

You can search for an apprenticeship through

If you are a teacher, you can request apprenticeship support for your school through

If you need support with looking for an apprenticeship or applying to college, speak to your careers adviser in school or college, alternatively contact the National Careers Service helpline for support by telephone, email, post or online:

After a quick search on google, and after planning their itinerary for the day, our explorer decided to make his way to iconic Blue Mosque.


David Lubendo

Team Leader – Youth Programmes.

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