Career Quizzes

Career quizzes can be used to explore what opportunities might be available to you. For some, they are useful tools for discovering new possibilities and insights into themselves and the world of work.

It is worth noting that some are more sophisticated than others and individuals often prefer one quiz to another (read more about this here: 123 Test – Career Choice Test)

We have listed below some of the most popular free career quizzes currently available. This isn’t a definitive list and only intended as a possible starting point for careers research.

Feel free to have a go… who knows what you might discover!


Interest quizzes

These explore what you like or what you are good at and match these to opportunities which require these things. Some cater only for specific areas, like university.

  • Jed Quiz (useful if you prefer an easier quiz)

Note: this can only be used in demo mode (if you don’t have a licence) but, can be helpful for ideas.


Personality quizzes

These are based on the idea that people with different personalities, prefer different types of work.


Sector quizzes

Different industries produce their own quizzes to help you explore what you might like, these are a few as examples:


Whichever quiz you use, it is useful to keep in mind, the question “why?”

For example, if the quiz results point you towards some jobs and away from others, ask yourself why the results were the way they were. It maybe that the quiz you used, has identified certain parts of a job or industry sector you like which, has led to certain results. Whether you agree or not with the results, this can be useful to reflect upon and consider what they mean for you.

Afterwards, think about what your next steps might be. Seeing a qualified careers adviser in school or college or via the National Careers Service, to help you make sense of the results may be useful. You might decide to research and look more deeply into certain jobs via work experience, online guides, books in your library or via social media and YouTube.

This may include exploring labour market information to check the availability of work and whether the jobs you are looking at are at risk of automation: CXK Blog: Labour Market Information

You will find further guides to help at: CXK Resources.

If you get stuck or need help, please make sure you reach out for support via those nearest you or contact the National Careers Service which is free to access.

Good luck with your careers research!

Chris Targett, Careers Adviser, CXK Careers service, January 2024



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