CXK & Partners Launch SEND Provision Map for Kent & Medway

CXK is pleased to launch a new joint initiative with MYT, CEC Kent and DWP Schools, with our SEND Provision Map for Kent & Medway. Through our ongoing partnership work, we’re pleased to be able to work closer together to support as many young people as possible across the county.

As a trend we have noticed that many different professionals within education and social care have discrete pieces of knowledge with regards the additional services available to young people with SEND; but very few have the whole picture.

The aim of the SEND Provision Map for Kent & Medway is for the online document to be a portal within the cloud where local professionals can add any useful information about the services available to young people with SEND, whether education, young clubs or support agencies. The map enables us to pool our collective knowledge, and in doing so access a larger amount of information about the support services available.

The provision map can be found at:

So whether you are a careers leader, SENCO in school or careers adviser working with clients who have SEND, you can access the document and find information from other professionals to help you in your work. All for free and with no hidden agenda.

As individuals you can also add information with regards opportunities you are aware of which, may help other professionals and their clients (which we encourage you to do). Through this we will collectively be able to help as many people as possible.

Please feel free to share with your contacts in school and any relevant professionals.

In doing so, let’s all work together to help some of the most vulnerable in our society and through the sharing of knowledge and opportunities, enable a better tomorrow.

With kindest wishes for the season and New Year.

Chris Targett & Catriona Jamieson

Area Managers for the respective schools services at CXK & MYT

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