Exam Results Day Guide 2022

07th July 2022

Be Prepared

Results days will be soon upon us! If you are picking up your results, you may be feeling a combination of many different things. This is ok.

How you pick up your results this year will vary by school or college, as will the support on hand. Some places may have social distancing arrangements in place if Covid cases increase in the next few weeks, whereas others, may have removed these arrangements.

Whatever your school or college is doing, make sure you heed their advice and check what this is before setting off.


What to consider when you collect your results

Bring your own pen, paper, or phone to make any notes of advice you are provided and/or for phoning universities/colleges/6th forms.

Be prepared for the usual British weather. Take an umbrella, coat, sunglasses, and a sunhat!

Check the specific time you must arrive before the day.

Have a mask (just in case your school or college requires this).

Check in advance if there will be restrictions on parking and the number of people (if any) who can come with you.

Bring your own tissues (for tears of joy or sadness) as schools maybe unable to supply these as they usually would.

Be mindful and follow all government guidance at the time on social distancing (if this changes), as well as the restrictions put in place by your school or college for your safety.


Picking up results & enrolling

If you can’t attend in person to pick up your results, check with your school or college in advance what you need to do. This may require a written letter to the school, with arrangements agreed in advance, for a designated person to pick your results up for you instead.

For liaising with universities if you are unavailable, you will need to have someone designated to speak to them for you (this is called “nominated access” and can be set up within your application and UCAS Hub)

If you are enrolling at a school or college, having picked up GCSEs (and you can’t enrol in person) you will need to speak to that school or college beforehand, to see whether a nominated person can enrol for you. Often special arrangements can be made of extenuating circumstances, such as medical reasons or bereavement.

It is advisable to put these arrangements in place before the end of the summer term.



Whatever happens, there are always options you can pursue. It is important to remember this. Hopefully you will receive the grades you need for your next steps, and all will be well.

However, if you haven’t been given a place on your chosen path, make sure you gather advice on what all your options are. If you’re lucky, you will have access to a fully qualified independent careers adviser, either in your school, on the phone, via video or by email.

If you don’t, make use of any services your local authority may provide as well as independent services.

The National Careers Service will be running a dedicated free Exams Helpline – 0800 100 900, which

will be open from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00 to 17:00 on Saturday for two weeks from 18th August to 2nd September 2022.

The National Careers Service remains available to you and your families for support. It is free to access at: Careers helpline for teenagers – GOV.UK



If you decide to take a re-sit and not attend a 6th form, college, or study programme, consider what you will do during this time carefully. Especially if you don’t have work or an apprenticeship lined up.

If you do resit it is worth being aware regards GCSE resits:

“Students who are unhappy with their grade, and who have either been unsuccessful in their appeal or chose not to appeal, will have the opportunity to sit an examination in the next summer series in 2023. English language and mathematics will be available to resit in the November 2022 exam series.” Find out more.

A-level students who are considering retakes, will have to wait a year to do this, with implications to consider.

It is worth remembering that if you have missed on your grades required for your next steps, resits or retakes are not the only option available to you.


Post 18 Options

If you are collecting your IB, BTEC or A-Level results and have applied via UCAS for University, make sure you have your UCAS Hub login details with you. Be prepared to give yourself time if things need “sorting out” so, don’t book yourself on holiday or onto a shift at work that afternoon!

This explains how you can track your application.

UCAS has loads of help and advice which is worth reading before you collect your grades.


These are our top-tips:

  • If you feel that the university course you have been offered isn’t what you wish to take, you can “self-release” from your university course into clearing. Just make sure you are aware of the risks before taking this option.


  • Don’t assume you haven’t been offered a place at your chosen university, college, training centre, apprenticeship, or school if you don’t get the grades you needed or expected. Always check directly with them.


  • Give yourself time to consider your choices. If looking at university (higher education) don’t be in a hurry to enter Clearing (if looking at this) and settle for any course. However, be aware the most competitive courses in Clearing may be snatched up quickly if you’re not fast enough… get the balance right between rushing in too fast (making a rash decision) and dawdling – potentially missing out on courses!



  • If you find a course you like in Clearing, make sure you check whether your chosen option will get you to where you wish to be. Check whether there is more than one way to get to your destination, such as Apprenticeships or distance learning.


Late Applications

If you weren’t planning on going to university and decide on the day you wish to, it is possible to make a late application through Clearing with support from your school or college. If you’re “new“ to the finances required, check out the Money Saving Expert to help you.

Keep in mind there may be a delay in funding getting to you and your chosen university in time, if making a late application.

If this is the case, you may need to set up some transition arrangements with the university you are going to whilst you wait for your funding. If you speak to the finances team at your chosen university, they should be able to discuss this with you. Some will know of, or have, bursaries and grants you can access.


Higher & Degree Apprenticeships

If you’ve been accepted for a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship and awaiting your results, double check you meet the entry requirements of both the training provider and employer. If you have any difficulties, speak to both parties directly to explore options and next steps.


Post 16 Options

If considering choices after GCSEs, keep in mind many (but not all) colleges and 6th forms offer a flexible six week ‘wiggle period’ where you can switch courses if they have space, allowing you room to assess whether your chosen pathway is right for you. If you discover it isn’t, make sure you access support from your careers service to explore all your options.

As with students picking up A-Levels, don’t assume you haven’t been offered a place at your chosen 6th form, college, training centre or apprenticeship if you don’t get the grades, you were told you needed or expected. Always check directly with the education provider you are intending to join.

Some colleges and 6th Forms will run open enrolments where, students without a place can turn up and explore the courses available. Speak to each school or college or check their websites, to find details, if you need to make use of this.

Lastly, remember your options aren’t just college or 6th form after GCSEs, there are a huge range of study programmes, work experience, traineeships, and apprenticeships you can explore depending on your grades and situation.


Support & Help

Whether you are picking up GCSE, IB, BTEC or A-level results, look after your mental well-being. It can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. Make use of the support networks around you in school, college and at home. If you feel there is no one you can turn to please look for help from support services such as those listed below:

Whatever happens on the day, we wish you and your friends well. If, however, you find yourself stuck, please reach out for support. There are services and professionals available to help, who genuinely care and will help you through this tricky time.

For further information and support, check out our CXK Careers Hub.

You can also check out the National Careers Service helpline. By speaking to a qualified adviser, you’ll get support to explore your options such as:

  • Skills, qualifications and subject choices
  • Re-sits and re-marks
  • Post-16 and Post-18 options, including gap years and re-sits/re-marks
  • Moving away from home
  • Vocational learning routes including diplomas, apprenticeships, SVQs and NVQs
  • Careers, employment and setting up in business

The National Careers Service Exam helpline (0800 100 900) will be open from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00 to 17:00 on Saturday for two weeks from 18th August to 2nd September 2022.

In addition, the new Get the Jump hub on the National Careers Service website provides everything young people need to know about the choices available to them at 16 and 18, turning what can feel like a giant leap of faith into smaller, more manageable next steps.

Get the Jump brings together all the education and training choices available to young people after their GCSEs and when they leave school or training at 18, including technical education routes like apprenticeships, traineeships, T Levels and HTQs.

During the exam results period the hub will also have information on resits, clearing and appeals if this is relevant to their situation. They can also chat to an expert careers adviser online for free, impartial support to help them choose the option that’s right for them.

Stay safe and take care.

Chris Targett, Careers Adviser & Area Manager, CXK Careers Service – Kent & Medway

7th July 2022

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