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Young male wearing glasses smiles at cameraI was in a job working in electrical retail but I wasn’t happy, which was causing me issues at work. My work wasn’t offering enough hours and I wasn’t being given enough responsibility. I wanted to explore my options and get a better job, preferably working in I.T support; and so I contacted the National Careers service for help.

I first saw a National Careers Service adviser in a face-to-face appointment – we arranged to meet outside of the Job Centre as I was working at the time. I must have seen Brian 5 or 6 times since then.

“I’m not originally from the UK and was educated abroad”

I’m not originally from the UK and was educated abroad. ButI’m married with children here in the UK and so plan for this to be permanent home. This of course depends on the Brexit outcome and if we are allowed to. I have a passion for ICT and want to use that in my future career plans.

My adviser was a great help. We discussed my work issues in detail and how I might improve them.  We discussed what there would be to lose if asked for more hours and a permanent contract (nothing, I realised).  Brian advised that to get into IT support it would help to have completed a Microsoft Certified Course or Sisco course, which are similar.

“I have now secured a full time permanent contract at work”

We completed an action plan, which covered the basics of what we discussed.  It included some actions that we had agreed, including talking to work and looking for courses. Brian’s support helped me to realise that there is hope for me – that there is someone who will listen and help when needed. I realised that things would improve, and I probably would not have achieved the changes that I have without the support from the National Careers Service.

I have now secured a nearer to full time permanent contract at work.  Other issues at work now are less of a concern, and I have completed some online courses for IT and am awaiting certification.  Although I’m much happier in my current job, I am actively seeking a position in IT support as it will pay more and offer better working conditions and hours; and I now feel much better equipped to do this.

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