Lucy’s Story

I was first put in touch with the NEET Support Service by my school. I was struggling with going to school and getting on with it. My absence was high and I needed support.

I’d been in and out of school before finally leaving school and being home educated, but I just didn’t have any motivation or ambition. To be honest, I was at risk of leaving school with no qualifications and I was having trouble at home. I didn’t know where to turn.

I didn’t have a positive experience at school and disliked education and was reluctant to carry on with it. Sarah helped me to think about what life could be like if I improved my engagement and attendance. She gave me support with careers guidance, post-16 options, applications, job and apprenticeship searching as well maths and English tuition. She spoke to my school and got me some resources that I could use to revise for my GCSEs, and she arranged for me to use one of the school’s buildings to study in, which helped me be more disciplined. She also helped me find places to sit my maths and English GCSE exams. We also worked on my anxieties and low self-esteem.

“I managed to achieve a grade 3 in maths and a grade 7 in English”

I managed to achieve a grade 3 in maths and a grade 7 in English, which made me feel so positive and gave me the confidence to go on to learn more, as it helped me realise my potential,

My mentor supported me through making college applications, and attending interviews, which was successful and I was offered a place to study at a local college.

“Now I’m working full time”

I also continued to search and apply for work and apprenticeships. I was offered two apprenticeships and one job. I’m working full time earning £8.50 per hour accessing accredited courses online at home and aim to start college in September.

The NEET Support Service was the best thing that could have happened. I got so much help.

I would recommend this service for any young people that are struggling in school. CXK will help with getting you on your feet and help you find your path in life. My advice would be: never give up and don’t turn down help. Help can make you understand the struggles and that you can get through them. Try your best and never settle for less!

CXK’s NEET Support Service is a career counselling and guidance service designed to help NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) 16-18 year olds move into education, employment or training. 

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