The Cabinet of Curiosities


Cabinets of Curiosity were all the rage in the Victorian erai with collectors putting together display cabinets of the unusual to delight, inform and entertain their guests; many of today’s national museums are based on these initial collections.  CXK’s Cabinet of “Occupational” Curiosities, an innovative teaching tool developed by Chris Targett, contains a collection of tools and objects related to the world of work, for primary aged children in Key Stage 2 to explore. It is supplied with session plans and resources designed to inspire and inform children about the world of work.

The aim is to widen the world view of students, as well as challenge gender stereotypes, which evidence suggests are established at primary age. In addition, the accompanying resources help students place the role of education and qualifications within the context of career.  This is in line with the latest research and government drive to develop Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) within primary schools.


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Cabinet Introduction

Curiosity Cabinet Contents Checklist

Curiosity Cabinet Lesson Plan