CXK Secures Ministry of Justice Contract for Innovative Prison Resilience Programme

05th December 2023

CXK is proud to announce its success in securing a Ministry of Justice contract to deliver the pioneering Settling into Prison: Emotional Resilience and Peer Support Programme in HMP Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey. This initiative underscores CXK’s commitment to supporting prisoners’ emotional well-being during their transition into the prison environment.

Directly responding to the Prisons Strategy White Paper 2021 objective of reducing suicide and self-harm, the programme will address the individual factors that prisoners bring into custody, such as substance misuse or mental health needs and intricate causes rooted in the prison environment. Recognising essential proactive approaches needed to address individual needs, the programme will offer dedicated support to new prisoners, integrating them into prison life through high-quality emotional resilience training sessions. The additional training, and working with, peer mentors will fortify ongoing support, contributing to enhanced prisoner mental health and well-being and fostering a positive prison culture.

CXK is seeking to employ ex-offenders for full-time Session Lead positions, who will provide comprehensive support and play a vital role in delivering the programme.

Pauline Smith, CEO at CXK, said, “CXK has a history of success working in prison environments, currently delivering employability and careers information, advice and guidance services in ten prisons across the south-east. This new programme acknowledges the unique challenges faced by new prisoners, and the approach is built on a strong understanding of prisoner needs.

“To deliver this crucial programme, CXK is recruiting ex-offenders with experience in the male prison environment to work as Session Leads. These individuals will play a key role in delivering the service by providing high-quality support and proactively raising prisoners’ skills in maintaining their well-being.

“Welcoming ex-offenders as Facilitators will not only aid in their reintegration into society with meaningful job opportunities but will tap into the invaluable resource of their unique perspectives and lived experiences of prison life. These individuals will bring a profound understanding of the challenges and emotions associated with being in prison, allowing for a deeper connection with participants and empowering them to share the value of their personal journeys, positively influencing others within the prison system.”

Individuals interested in applying for the Facilitator role can access the full details at:

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