Mariana’s Story

I’m originally from Ukraine, where I worked as a lecturer in a medical department while also practising part-time as a doctor, specialising in gynaecological care. With a PhD in hand, my career goal was to transition into a General Practitioner (GP) role in the UK. I needed guidance on career progression in the UK and suitable job role ideas that would help me secure sustainable employment, so I contacted the National Careers Service.

My adviser was incredibly supportive and understanding, they recognised the transferable skills I had gained from my lecturing experience and suggested exploring roles as a teaching assistant. We discussed overcoming language barriers and the importance of English proficiency, so I enrolled in functional English skills training and decided to take the language exams to support my medical licensing process in the UK.

My adviser also guided me to enrol in various courses, including Child Mental Health and Challenging Behaviour Training, to align my skills with my future career goals as a GP while also enhancing my abilities as a teaching assistant.

Thanks to the support and guidance from my adviser, I obtained certifications in Child Mental Health and Challenging Behaviour and enrolled on a teaching assistant course. As a result, I’ve secured part-time employment as a Learning Support Assistant in a secondary school, which will be a great a stepping stone.

I feel much more confident now and have a clearer pathway towards achieving my career aspirations. I am immensely satisfied with the services provided by my adviser and the National Careers Service. Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in my professional growth, and I deeply appreciate all their support and efforts.

The personalised guidance I received has truly made a difference in my journey, empowering me to navigate new professional landscapes with confidence and determination.


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