Free Development Programme for Unemployed Thanet and Dover Young People

21st September 2018

CXK is appealing for young people to join its next Prince’s Trust Team Programme in Thanet and Dover. Team is a scheme designed to help unemployed young people in the local area to gain skills and find work, apprenticeships or return to education.

The 12 week programme begins on 1st October and is open to anyone in the local area aged from 16-25 and not in education, employment or training (NEET). Places are limited, so any interested young people should get in touch. Come down to meet the team in Margate or Dover next week to find out more!

About the programme

Participants benefit from a personal development programme designed to help them uncover their hidden talents and improve their confidence. In addition, they gain a nationally recognised qualification and develop their English and Maths skills. The programme is completely free of charge, and won’t affect participants’ Jobseekers Allowance / Universal Credit.

The programme begins with team-building activities, which involves the participants spending a week at a residential activity centre taking part in activities such as canoeing, climbing, and raft-building. The young people go on to become involved in delivering community projects, as well as working on their interview, presentation and job application skills. Finally, they benefit from individual work placements tailored to their career of interest.

Having successfully completed the programme, all participating young people gain a nationally recognised qualification in Employability, Teamwork and Community Skills. Three out of four young people who take part in the programme go on to work or college courses within three months.

“Team was amazing”

Lily, 17, from Margate, completed the Prince’s Trust programme with CXK earlier this year: “I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to join the team; it scared me. I hated the idea of so many new experiences that I couldn’t control. The first week was terrifying, there were lots of new people that I never saw myself talking to. We had to take part in team building activities and after our residential trip we formed friendships and trust. This made the team a lot more comfortable and the rest of the experience continued to be amazing.

“The Team programme was something I never thought I could do, but I loved every second and made great friends. It isn’t just about getting a qualification and work – it’s about forming trust and getting the confidence to do things that may scare you.

“After Team I got a job, and I returned to sixth form. Anyone who knows me knows I’d never abseil, never do a leap of faith. I’d never dance in the streets in a dragon onesie to raise money for charity. But I did and I’d do it all again. Team was amazing.”

For further information on the programme, including how to apply, contact: or call on 01233 224244 / 07843 287787.


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