Young people have many different choices from college to 6th form, higher education, work related learning and apprenticeships. We’re going to look at the different ways you can go out there and find an apprenticeship.

With apprenticeship hunting it’s important to remember that different ways work for different people.

Explore the right websites

There is a National Apprenticeship website which should be your first port of call. You can also try county websites. Each county often has a dedicated set of websites for finding apprenticeships. Look at our Apprenticeship Hunting resource for details of these. Some industries have their own websites.

Use Social Media 

This is the 21st Century approach to apprenticeship hunting. Use your social media accounts to actively look for apprenticeship vacancies and potential employers to work for. Capture employers’ attention through shout-outs. It’s amazing how many opportunities can be generated this way.

Speculative CV

Take the opportunity to take your CV along to the employers you want to target. And do it in person. From experience we know that a CV delivered in person to an employer is more likely to have a bigger impact and have a greater chance of getting you the apprenticeship you’re after.

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